An English Christmas market, what else ?

Last February, the town’s council and the tourist office Sarlat Périgord Noir decided to associate their respective communities in order to decide the next theme of this year’s Christmas celebrations.

This choice is very important as the markets decorations, the town animation that take place during the winter months and not to forget the ice skating rink are all based around the selected theme.

A lot of people responded to our question posted on the towns and the tourist office’s Facebook pages that was presented as follows: “The city hall and Sarlat tourism wish to have your opinion: Every year, the Christmas market is built around a theme: Russia in 2016, Scandinavia in 2015, and Austria in 2014…. What are your suggestions for 2017? We thank you for all of your ideas and thoughts!”

The responses were very diverse, but the most mentioned themes where: England, Spain and Italy. The organisational team, made up of Franck Duval, assistant mayor representative of communication and events and the communication services of the town and of the tourist office, have chosen a theme for this year’s Christmas festivities: England!

Christmas is indeed a very important time of the year for England, an event full of traditions. The organizational team preperations for animations and decorations are already full under way for this year’s 2017 Christmas market.

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2 réponses à An English Christmas market, what else ?

  1. What are the dates for the market?

  2. Justine dit :

    Hi Judith,
    It will be from 6th to 31st December 🙂

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